Longitude 181 

Longitude 181 is a non profit association, founded in 2002 by François and Véronique Sarano. The association carries out awareness-raising actions with the general public, lobbying decision-makers and develops programs to study and preserve large marine animals: sharks, rays, and sperm whales. Symbols of wildlife, they are the best indicators of the ocean’s state of health and their preservation requires that of all the ecosystems on which they depend.

My Climate

MyClimate allows you to offset your carbon footprint by financing local and global projects to reduce human impact on the environment. Protect our environment by making your contribution to the future.

Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian believes in participatory conservation, where every gesture counts. By adopting a coral, you’re making a much-needed contribution to conservation efforts and you’re supporting the local populations who depend on the ocean to survive. Make a difference with just a click of your mouse.

Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust is THE organization behind the colossal reconstruction of the Gili Trawangan’s reefs, which has been running for many years now. It is also because of the amazing daily work provided by its members that a virtuous chain of waste recycling has been set up on the island; an island that, despite the exponential number of visitors it receives each year, manages to maintain an environment that is a model in the entire region.

Blue Corner Conservation

Blue Corner Conservation is dedicated to rebuilding the reef via metal structures that coral can attach to and grow on. It also repopulates parts of reefs that have been damaged by human activity. Support Blue Corner’s work by buying one of these structures, the true framework and foundation for the coral reefs of the future.

Adopt a Manta

Marine Mega Fauna Foundation studies the mantas but also the so-called “charismatic” marine animals found in the waters all over the world: their habits, their migration zones … informing the general public about the state research and also raising the awareness of states, endangered species, in fact allowing a protection action of the public authorities.