Eco Dive


With levels of pollution ever on the rise, the oceans are in grave danger. Luckily, more and more organisations are sprouting up every day to help limit human impact on the environment. There is an urgent need for lasting solutions to issues like overfishing, rising ocean temperatures and the destruction of coral reefs caused by mass tourism. In Indonesia and Malaysia, coral restoration techniques, including artificial reefs, are quickly gaining ground. In this race against the clock, any effort, any contribution breathes new life into a marine world that needs our help more than ever before.




Did you know that certain species of wrasses and lionfish live on the tops of coral heads and act as cleaner fish for turtles, sharks and manta rays? These larger marine animals can travel across thousands of kilometres in their lifetimes, along fixed routes that we could only guess at until recently. With knowledge comes respect, and with respect comes protection—this is what our eco-dives try to instill in our divers. Gain a deeper understanding of an environment that is not your own, but that so desperately needs your help and support to survive.