Cultural Dives


Take the plunge into history with a capital H, with archaeological dives. Explore breathtaking sites unearthed by underwater archaeologists, some of which had been buried and forgotten for thousands of years. Now mainly inhabited by octopuses, wrasses and stonefish, these sites are yours to discover just a few metres below the water’s surface. Numbered among these are the famed ancient harbour of Caesarea Maritima in Israel, built by King Herod himself, Emperor Claudius’ villa with its stunning mosaics in Italy, and the breathtaking remains of early Greek colonies in Sicily.



From the Olympia Maru to the USS Susan B. Anthony, from Fetlar to the frigates of Brittany, submerge yourself in history with wreck diving. The remains of these ships, while tragic, offer us a snapshot of history suspended in time. These are demanding dives, where precision and preparation are key. Think of the shipwrecks of Normandy and D-Day, those in Micronesia’s Chuuk Lagoon, the remains of the Japanese fleet in Coron Bay… Think of the sunken steamships of Saint Malo Bay, of the ancient Greek relics of Sicily, of the traces left by the daring soldiers, privateers, and treasure hunters of days gone by.