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Famous wrecks, sunken cities, how about leaving for a trip dipped out of time, where History, told by enthusiasts will complete the unique remains that you discover below the surface.

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Nowadays, diving is so much more than the activity itself. It’s a way to help protect coral reefs, preserve local species and rediscover the past through sites like World War II shipwrecks or submerged imperial palaces. With a degree in Art History and over 15 years of experience in business and customer service under my belt, let me, Isabelle Botté, a diving devotee, and an experienced globetrotter, help you discover stunning parts of the world that can only be seen with a mask and fins!

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With its Pacific islands, its Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts and the English Channel, France has a little bit of everything to offer when it comes to underwater diving. Both Normandy and Brittany (particularly Saint Malo Bay) offer fascinating dives for those with an interest in the country’s more recent history.

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With a rich past spanning over 2,000 years, Italy, nurtured by the waters of the Mediterranean, has many a diving holiday to choose from, with sites that are brimming over with history. In regions like Campania and Sicily, discover ancient mosaics that earthquakes and volcanoes have now submerged undersea.

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Over the past 2500 years, Israel’s history has been central to that of humankind. Let knowledgeable locals show you some of this Mediterranean nation’s hidden gems, including its extensive Roman ruins. Here, bustling metropolises, like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, are just a stone’s throw away from ancient sites, like those south of Haifa.

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Bali, Komodo, Nusa Lembongan and the Gili Islands… these are just a few of Indonesia’s most famed destinations. These islands, while affected by global warming and overfishing, are must-dos for any divers. At the forefront of restoration and conservation efforts, Indonesia is a paradise for eco-diving.

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Rich in diversity from long-standing interactions with Asia, Europe and the Americas, the Philippines are a destination with something for everyone. Diving sites found here, like Coron Bay with its shipwrecks from the Second World War, are ideal for both the dedicated photographer and the avid history buff.

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At the very heart of the Mediterranean, Malta and its two smaller sister islands, Gozo and Comino, find themselves at the crossroads of European, African and Middle Eastern culture. In terms of diving, Malta is more than renowned for its shipwrecks, with several dating from World War II and others scuttled later for divers to explore.

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